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The H.unger Games Gone Wild A Parody

RRP $16.99

REVIEW EXCERPTS FROM JOHN GREEN, AMAZON TOP 1000 REVIEWER, VINE VOICE:"...this was funny! And I don't just mean "heh, got in a good one" funny, more like "lol- they nailed it" funny...this is a YA parody there's no actual shagging going on,'s pretty comical! ...some very witty satire'll put a smile on your face."DESCRIPTION: Phatness Evermean finds herself volunteering for the Games on Infinite Justice Day (slogan: Sticking It To The Revolting Districts For Infinity) -- only to be partnered with clever, Kneader Malarky. (You could almost believe he's a decent human being, if there was such a thing in PanAm.) Phatness trusts no one except perhaps, her hunting partner, Windy, and her Games stylist, Sinner. (Where would a girl be if she didn't have a stylist she could trust?)Kneader turns out to be a boy to die for -- but the one person who really needs to understand this, hasn't got a clue. But, that Malarky boy is a clever one. He just may win Phatness's way or another. (Watch out Phatness, you may be outmatched!) Phatness exudes a beauty heretofore unknown to the Capitol District, adding an entirely new dimension to the H. Unger Games (named for the persnickety inventor of the Games, Helix Unger). There's no need for real arrows when cupid's are so much more accurate and just as deadly.(While the content is sometimes suggestive, there is no sex in this parody, not that parents who would let their kids read such violent books as "The Hunger Games" would care.)"The best Hunger Games parody out there...though that's not saying much," Effin Ijiot.,

Games Of Obedience

RRP $18.99

Naive young Kate will do anything to make James happy. She'll even put up with another woman on their honeymoon - such as Lucinda, her husband's voluptuous literary agent. James and Lucinda have devised a plan to create a bestseller. Inspired by The Story of O, the French erotic masterpiece, their scheme requires the slow initiation of a sexual innocent. Kate's gradual degradation and sexual submission to her master's whims is to be the centrepiece of a new literary sensation. But there's one problem. Suppose their victim does not choose to resist?

The Humping Games

RRP $16.99

Katlick Eversweet hopes to compete in the 69th annual Humping Games. Sex is against the law in the twelve divisions, except for the contestants of the Games, and Katlick is desperate for some action. Luckily, she is able to volunteer in her sister's place. The stakes are high and the sex is hot. Katlick joins Pita and the other contestants to see who can hump their way to victory. This is the hilarious and erotic parody of The Hunger Games. Reader discretion is advised.

Experience, Meaning, And Identity In Sexuality 2016

RRP $274.99

This book takes the head-scratching out of human sexuality. Personal construct theory provides the foundation for a psychosocial explanation of sexuality that views everyday social interaction as key to the development of sexual identity and desires. The theory developed here accounts for stability and change in sexual identity through an understanding of the importance of experience and the importance of meaning in everyday life. The potential impact of erotica and pornography on sexual desire is discussed, as is the role of social power on sexual behaviour. The variation of sexual expression among individuals-everything from asexuality and sado-masochism to sexual assault-is examined and explained. Formal techniques for changing sexual desires are also presented. 

The Survival Games #6

RRP $17.99

The Survival Games Continue!

The Survival Games have begun. Steve has made many enemies, but he has also made valuable allies.

However, Steve's friends keep losing their lives... First it was Blossom, then Brine, and now even Serena... Join Steve as he searched for a cure to rescue his friends and beat the survival games once and for all!

- Lucas Anderson

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