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The Humping Games

RRP $16.99

Katlick Eversweet hopes to compete in the 69th annual Humping Games. Sex is against the law in the twelve divisions, except for the contestants of the Games, and Katlick is desperate for some action. Luckily, she is able to volunteer in her sister's place. The stakes are high and the sex is hot. Katlick joins Pita and the other contestants to see who can hump their way to victory. This is the hilarious and erotic parody of The Hunger Games. Reader discretion is advised.

Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition

RRP $13.99

Are you looking to add a little spice to your next adult Halloween party? Or are you already swinging but you want fun games for your next Halloween event? This book has exactly what you're looking for. The games are broken into three sections for all comfort zones from curious beginners who just want to play, to soft swap swingers who love foreplay to full blown swingers who go all the way. The Naughty Icebreakers section is full of sexy games which can break the ice, bare some skin and get players in a mood for more. These games are designed for newbie swingers and those who are just curious. For those willing to get playfully naughty but not sure if they really want to delve into swinging. The Tantalizing Teasers section is full of games for those willing to explore soft swap activities. Full of foreplay style fun these games include oral sex activities and sex toys that will have guests getting down and dirty without hardcore penetration. The We're Swinging Now section contains erotic games that get explicitly hardcore. These games are for seasoned swingers and those who are honestly ready to play dirty.

Midnight Games

RRP $12.99

She wears a thousand deadly identities. He sees through them all.

A master of disguise, Isabel Roma spends her life pretending to be other women. Normally, her emotions are reined in tight—but sexy mercenary Trevor Callaghan has a knack for getting under her skin. The elite operative’s quiet strength and raw magnetism affect her in ways she’s never felt before, a distraction that can quickly turn deadly in their dangerous line of work.

After putting his tragic past behind him, Trevor is ready to focus on his future—and he damn well intends for Isabel to be in it. When their entire operation is thrown into chaos, Trevor enlists Isabel’s talent for deception. And as they attempt to save their team in a world where the stakes are high and the danger is grave, Trevor must convince Isabel that the woman beneath all the disguises is the one worth having....

About the Author

RITA-nominated author Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager. She loves strong heroines, alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

Angels Of Sex In Queensland

RRP $13.99

The Queensland in the story is owned by the fish. It is located on an imaginary island in the Coral Sea, for its isolation. While the world grinds on, a meeting of the minds is convened to explore the path to wider freedoms to love, to live, to choose, to cherish, to heal the world, to reach beyond its tiny marriages, and to enrich them, to courageously seek greater happiness; a type of brainstorming for liberty, peace and joy. The novel is fantasy focused on science. It presents a daring attempt to do what has not been done for a long time, and to some degree, never. It explores the challenge to take the Principle of Universal Love to the grassroots of our social world, and not exclude sex, but to uplift it above depravity, above morality, even above its tallest image in Christianity, onto the lateral platform where we all stand side by side as human beings "clothed with the sun." The exploration is wide-ranging, though it all unfolds on a small island where leading-edge researchers come together from many parts of the world.

Playback - A Genealogy Of 1980s British Videogames

RRP $29.99

Videogames are the pre-eminent commercial entertainment product of the 21st century, with sales eclipsing film and music revenue. With cross-over into artistic, educational and political spheres assured with their move from desktops and consoles to mobile devices and social media, research into videogames has never been greater, but exploration of their historic drivers is as elided as the technology is influential, giving rise to a range of questions including: What were the social and economic conditions that gave rise to a billion dollar industry? What were the motivations of the early 'bedroom coders'? How important were the 'format wars' of the 80s to the internationally pitched console wars of the 90s, 2000s and beyond? What are the legacies of the seminal videogames of the 1980s and how do they inform the current social, political and cultural landscape?. .With a focus on the characteristics of the UK videogame industry in the 1980s, Wade explores these questions from perspectives of consumption, production and leisure, outlining the construction of a habitus unique to this time. He also uses the US and European markets as a continuing point of comparison. Through interviews with developers, gamers and journalists examining the phenomena of bedroom coding, arcade gaming and format wars, mapped onto enquiry into the seminal genres of the time including driving, shooting and maze chase, Playback: A Genealogy of 1980s British Videogames examines how 1980s Britain has become the culture of work in the 21st century and considers its meaning to contemporary society. This crucial and timely work fills a lacuna for students and researchers of sociology, media/games studies and will be of interest to employees of the videogames and media industries.


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