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Success Before Sex

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It's About Priorities, Not PerfectionYou know the old adage: "Sex Sells"? Unfortunately, all too often, it sells young girls short - creating roadblocks to successful, fulfilling lives. Sex can be a difficult topic for teenagers to openly talk about with parents and other adults, leaving a high risk for misinformation and misunderstanding. Without the opportunity to fully address concerns, myths and their natural curiosity, many adolescents engage in risky sexual behaviors. Complicating matters, youth do so before they are mature enough to fully appreciate the unintended consequences that may result of risky behaviors. That's why Sharnice Jones turned a school project into a book, Success Before Sex, that is helping teenage girls better understand their options and risks when engaging in sexual activity. Success Before Sex - It's About Priorities, Not Perfection As honest as it is easy read, "Success Before Sex", is authored by a teenager and aims to reach youth and adults who support them. "Success Before Sex" includes discussion questions and is a suitable tool for starting a dialogue on this sensitive subject. Speaking with a view no adult can offer, the young author details her journey and talks about (among other things) career aspirations, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and the American dream of reaching personal goals.

Sex Health And Better Sex

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This book will change your sex life in the bedroom forever. This book will help you become like a pornstar in the bedroom. Increases your mood and helps you be very happy. A complete guide to sexual health. Learn to have better sex in the bedroom with over 100 tips and notes. See all the sex positions you can try to make your love life even better. You have Erectile Dysfunction? don't worry all the secrets and tips of getting a hard on is in here. There's also a list of herbs and natural foods you can take to better your performance in the bedroom. If you're a female who can't get in the mood, well here's a list of things you can do to get genitals up and going. Also learn about all the common STDs that's caused by unsafe sex. And much much more.

For A Better America

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You Are So Sexy...

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Book of short, funny, provocative, philosophical, and inspirational poems


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