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Healthy, Sexy, Happy

RRP $71.99

We are living longer, but our quality of life isn't necessarily any better. With equal measure of easy-to-read physiology, wit, and practicality, this book veers away from unhealthy conventional dietary and lifestyle wisdom and shows how to unite the mind, body, and spirit for long-term vitality. Derived from her extensive research for her book "Death By Supermarket", Nancy Deville provides a series of straightforward, no-nonsense guidelines that shows readers how to take control of their health. This comprehensive program addresses topics such as accelerated ageing and how to avoid it, how to properly care for and nourish the brain, managing insomnia, practising self-compassion, and the appropriate exercise levels for all ages. Whether a twenty-year-old who can't get out of bed without four cups of coffee and a cigarette, a depressed thirty-five-year-old with no sex drive, or someone free-falling into old age, this book shows readers how to redefine their sense of well-being in a toxic world. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Men's Sexual Health And Fertility

RRP $381.99

In the last decade, much of the clinical interest in the field of infertility has focused on advancing reproductive techniques and has often under-appreciated the role that male sexuality plays in reproductive problems. Male sexual function is an integral part of reproduction, and the treatment of sexual dysfunction is an important component for any couple seeking fertility. In some cases, treatment of sexual dysfunction may obviate the need for more invasive cures through advanced reproductive techniques. Thanks to recent clinical and scientific advances in male sexual medicine, the management of men's sexual dysfunction is often more effective and less invasive than how it was historically described.

Men's Sexual Health and Fertility is the only resource that focuses on the interplay and interconnections between male sexual dysfunction and male factor infertility, gathering insightful data from a panel of experts in male sexual medicine for clinicians who treat couples with fertility issues due to male sexual dysfunction. Chapters discuss advances in the field of men's sexual medicine, including the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction, the most up-to-date understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of ejaculation, and the growing body of evidence that low testosterone and male infertility are intimately related. As such, this book provides important information in order to be able to better understand the link between sexual dysfunction and infertility and, most importantly, to better treat male sexual dysfunction in the infertile couple.

A Sexual Journey

RRP $13.99

The life for Linda turned for good when accidently she met up with Chris on a railway station. Things got more romantic when she came to know that Chris was that popular guy who was surrounded by the girls and cheerleaders every time and what was shocking was that despite this stardom, he go attracted to the sweet and innocent girl of the class - Linda. As it happens, the first meeting was way more than just a meeting as it turned out to be the sexual drive for Linda. This was very special for Linda as she was a virgin and had always imagined to lose her virginity with a guy like Chris only and this incident can be perfectly described as a blessing in disguise of Linda. Chris, bored of the attention he gets, wanted a simple and raw beauty like Linda which in the end turned wild on him and took control of the situation when the desire got better of Linda. The sensual story also features the wild experience of Linda's fast friend Sara. It was that particular conversation with Sara that turned the desire in Linda and by luck, Chris also happened to be there, fulfilling her each and every desire that Linda has ever wished for in exactly in the same manner.

Better Than Best

RRP $19.99

Achieving the best that life has to offer is by no means a completion of living. Each time that you have thought that you have reached your highest potential, you have gone well beyond that. Every time you've said "I have done my best," usually you perform further than you thought. In "Better than Best: The Basics of A Life Made Easy," LaHaunn E. Moore displays our inner half's search for endless choices; acceptance of change, and the use of our personal strengths. But even throughout these many processes, he exposes answers to Purpose in our lives.

My Grandfather Was A Sexual Predator

RRP $16.99

Delilah Sparks was an extremely troubled teenager. As a young girl she was repeatedly sexually molested by various members of her family, .right under the noses of her unsuspecting parents. For some strange reason, she began experiencing feelings of intense hatred, committing her to a destructive and suicidal path that will either redeem or destroy her.


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